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How to become an architect?

Much can be spoken of dreaming a successful career in architecture. Being an architect is a profession which infuses the disciplines of engineering, technology, and unique creative productions of the mind to create a work of art which should be fully functional for daily use.

A Bachelor in Architecture or a BArch degree is the first step to launching a career in architecture. The architectural collages are many in number, but what really decides an effective career in architecture is the curriculum provided to a student. Our bachelors program in architecture in is structured with a progressing complexity where the student is released into the world of unique challenges on a step by step process. This is done through detailed studio interactions and consistent 24/7 guiding by leading architects themselves.

The curriculum involves detailed forays into literature and other works which will help students broaden their perspectives on the subject. Our subject experts and in house faculty are themselves scholars with keen research interests. We have many ongoing research projects in our school of architecture. Centre for Tropical architecture is one such venture.

With our strong academic pedigree in management subjects and also with running a highly successful management school, our B-school qualities trickle to the other streams also. We encourage our students to take up entrepreneurial activities while pursuing a career in architecture. The student can from a wide array of career choices like place-making activities, reinventing public spaces, landscape architecture, traditional architecture, housing, urban design, environmental design, etc.

DC School of Architecture and Design bring you the most modern and innovative program.

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