Research Centre

The DCSMAT Research Centre was founded in May 2008 with the aim of attracting research guides, PhD students and Post Doctoral fellows in management and related fields. The Centre is all set to start a research programme which will generate knowledge in management and organizations in the cross-cultural context of globalization.

The following methods will be followed in its research programmes:

  • Research on the sectors at the bottom of the pyramid that are most vulnerable to the effects of globalization
  • Generation of data by the students and teachers in chosen themes and tracking the studies every year
  • Gaining knowledge by interactive discussions through electronic social networks.
  • Bringing forth cross-cultural perspectives through electronic social networking and international seminars with the participation of students and teachers from abroad as well as from different parts of India
  • Seeking research projects that are of cross-cultural interest to universities, institutions and industries abroad with empirical data collection and collaborative data analysis rooted in India
  • Use of open medium such as blogs, wikis etc. to sharpen the insights arrived at
  • Emphasizing on rich, qualitative and holistic data to ensure empirical and operational validity of insights arrived at
  • Involvement of the researched with research to ensure validity for stakeholders
  • Collective brainstorm as a method for generating creative and unconventional solutions to problems



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