FAQs for M. Com Course

What is the University to which course is affiliated ?

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala

 What is Eligibility Criteria: Appropriate Degree in Commerce of Mahatma Gandhi University or any other examination of any recognized University or authority accepted by the Mahatma Gandhi University.

What is Duration of the course: Two Years Divided in to Four Semesters

What is Course Design: Program Core (PC) courses and Program Elective (PE) Courses. There shall be a Program Project (PP) with dissertation to be undertaken.

What are Electives in M. Com course: During Semester IV – 1. Finance 2. Management 3. Banking & Insurance 4. E-commerce 5. E-marketing

What are Job Prospects after the M. Com Course: Future opportunities in finance field/Banking, Insurance sectors and  job as accountant, accounts manager, assistant account manager, or may be accounts department head in private firms.

The Opportunity to become a commerce teacher after completing M. Phill and/or Ph.D, qualifying the SLET/NET also possible for a bright career in the field of education.

Where is DCSMAT located in Vagamon?

DCSMAT is located in a place called Pullikkanam (9 kms from Vagamon towards Moolamattom and 13 kms from Moolamattom towards Vagamon.)

What are the distances to the nearest towns for Vagamon?

Moolamattom -13kms

Thodupuzha – 35kms

Eerattupetta – 35kms

Elappara – 30kms

How are the landscaping and aesthetics of the Campuses?

Both the campuses are designed by TM Cyriac’s Environmental Creations, a team that is well known for their eco- friendly projects.

The buildings are designed in keeping with the natural landscape and the traditional Kerala architecture

How is the accommodation provided for girls and boys?

Separate hostels are provided for gents and ladies. Separate security and wardens
take care of all the hostels.

Vagamon being a hill station, are heaters available in hostels?

Yes; with time restrictions.

Being in a hilly area what about the water and electricity provisions available in the
Vagamon campus?

Sources of water are well maintained and hence there is absolutely no water shortage even in summer.

A power house is located in the campus.

Full generator back up is available both in Trivandrum and Vagamon.

What are the Classroom facilities like?

DCSMAT takes pride in implementing the latest teaching-learning methods and using the modern teaching aids and tools such as e-boards, interactive video conferencing, e-journals, streaming videos etc.

The class rooms are well-furnished with latest technology to aid lecturing and presentation.

Most of the academic related activities in the campus are technology driven and as a result the learning experience of students is greatly enhanced.

All the classes are provided with computers, mounted LCD projectors, wide screens, sound systems, video coverage and interactive electronic boards.

The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The students can access internet and other E- resources from anywhere in the campus and hostel.

Fully furnished computer labs as per mandatory specifications are available to the students for the conduct of the IT related classes.

What are the hostels like?

We have twin occupancy and three sharing rooms with tables, chairs, beds and pillows provided with common bathroom facility.

All hostels are equipped with heaters and washing machine.

There is 24 x 7 Wi-Fi connectivity and TV and DTH facility.

Is Wi-Fi available in the campuses?

 The Wi-Fi facility is extended throughout the campus.

 All the hostels as well faculty and staff quarters are also connected.

The student recreational areas like Activity Centre, Common area for boys and girls are also connected through Wi-Fi.

The ubiquitous Wi-Fi gives full support of the student online needs wherever they are in the campus.

The connectivity also provides recreational avenues such as online games, movies and music. The facilities are also extended to all recreational clubs.

What is the IT support available in the campuses?

 DCSMAT uses internet and intranet extensively for all course management; conduct of classes, assignments, feedbacks, online quizzes as well as for projects and research.

It also uses internet for staying connected with alumni, partners, parents, students and faculty.

 It is also used for complaint management in the campus.

The resources are used extensively for research by students and faculty.

DCSMAT is having an Intranet which is hosted inside for the community.

The URL of the DCSMAT Intranet is (http://cms.dcschool.net). Intranet is having links to various IT applications/services available in the campus.

The Institute is having high speed Internet access with 8 MBPS leased line connection for the use of the entire community. The Campus has very good network connectivity with Fiber Optics ‘back bone’, IG switches and Campus wide Wi-Fi coverage. DCSMAT provide 24X7 Internet access to all students and faculty through the Wi-Fi and connected LAN wherever available.

The learning Platform Moodle is being used extensively for the course management.

Does the College have video conferencing facilities?

 The B-School is having a high-end Video conference facility with 2 large LCD displays and 2 high definition cameras.

This facility was first installed in 2010.

The video conference facility is available to faculty and students at their disposal whenever it is needed.

The college is using this system for International talks and sessions, regional collaborations with other B-Schools. The recent sessions by Prof. William J Baumol of Stern School of Business, New York University and Prof. Arpita Srivastava, (Prof. of marketing) from XLRI Jamshedpur are the examples.

This facility is also used for placement interviews with companies.

 The students and faculty are using system for external linkages and cooperation.


How well equipped is the library?

 DCSMAT has a well equipped library in both Trivandrum and Vagamon campuses and library staff is well qualified and trained.

We have at present 38,043 textbooks issued 26,025 reference books, 531 journals, 28000 e-journals, 5 relevant databases and 440 multimedia content.

Library uses efficient software and all major newspapers are available daily in the library. Economic Times and Business line are subscribed by students at subsidized rates.

What are the working hours of the Library?

 DCSMAT Vagamon being a fully residential campus, the library operates for about fourteen hours every weekday and when required 24×7.

The library opens at 8.00 AM in the morning till 10.00 PM in the night. On Saturdays, the library operates for 9.00 hours (9.00 AM to 6.00 PM) and on Sundays it operates about 9 hours (1.00 PM to 10.00 PM)

The library promotes Open Access System by which students have direct access to all the resources available in the library. After consulting the catalogue the students can directly go to the shelves and browse the collection for their needed copies.

The library has got 90 seats with separate carrels for reading and research. In each floor the library provides UPS supply for connecting student laptops and also Wi-Fi facility for Internet.

DCSMAT Trivandrum also has similar facilities, with extended working hours.


What is the student development programmes offered in DCSMAT?

Students are given an orientation program at the beginning of the courses and since day one all students are part of the Student ownership program (SOP) under a faculty mentor. All students are part of the ABS – In house training and development program. Placement training and soft skill training is provided. Evening presentation gives opportunity to stand and speak on stage facing a crowd handling several questions. Internships, project work, LMCW are other unique programs along with IBM, SAP training.

How are student internships conducted?

There is Organizational study and Summer Project for MBA each year with interim internships in each semester according to the academic calendar.

What pedagogy of teaching is followed in DCSMAT?

A blend of case methods, student centered learning and project centered learning aimed at building competences for easy entry into the corporate life.

How experienced and expertise are the faculty members?

Industry experience along with academic experience with continuous training and development through FDPs at IIMs and other prominent institutions makes our faculties fit for handling management courses.

Qualifications and expertise is always above the industry benchmark and university requirements.

We have large number of Doctorates large number of IIM trained faculty members and largest number of AIMA accredited faculty pool.

Do students have the opportunity to meet and interact and have an industry
exposure with experts of various fields?

Following programmes offer scope for industry interaction.

 Breakfast with CEOs

Interactive Video Conferencing interactions with industry leaders and academics from national and international corporate / institutions from India and abroad.

Guest speakers from various industries visiting the campuses.

 Participation in industry meets and conferences.


Classes by industry experts during the course of each paper.



Case Writing.

Is there transparency in the Academic activities?

 Highest level of transparency is maintained in all academic activities as everything is uploaded in the Moodle.

Schedule is published well in advance.

Examination dates are announced in advance.

Evaluated papers are shown to students.

Internal evaluations are displayed in notice board and students are given an opportunity to clarify their concerns.

There is an online system “DCSMAT Support Center” through which they can represent or make suggestions regarding conduct of exams, internal evaluation, scheduling etc.

Extracurricular Activities

Does DCSMAT encourage extracurricular activities?

 Yes. We do. We believe that extracurricular activities promote managerial skills in students such as team skills. Leadership skills, organizing ability, time management and so on.

What are the extracurricular activities apart from academics in DCSMAT?

 There are several student managed clubs with faculty coordinator as club in charge; these clubs organize several cultural programs as well as competitions within the campus.

Cluster activities also add academic and non-academic competitiveness.

Social activities through NSS and clubs are well organized.

Does DCSMAT encourage participation in management festivals of other
management colleges?

 Yes. It does. We believe that competing with other colleges in management events fosters confidence amongst the students and help to develop managerial skills. In fact, for the last consecutive years DCSMAT has emerged as winners in most number of management festivals in Kerala.

Does DCSMAT have its own Management Festival?

 DCSMAT hosts a management festival named Luminance. Luminance is one of the biggest management festivals organized by any college in Kerala. In Luminance ’13, 1200 students from 85 colleges participated. The event is entirely student managed.

Campus Life

What is the daily schedule like?

Classes are scheduled well in advance and a typical working day starts at 8.00 AM and ends by 8.00 PM. Depending on various cultural/club/guest interactions, regular intervals and rest periods are catered to the students.

Will there be vacations in DCSMAT residential campus?

Yes, vacations are normally during Onam, Pooja and Christmas. There will be breaks after every 30-45 days based on the academic calendar published each year.

Can my parents /relatives visit me?

Yes, but with prior approval from concerned authorities

What are the campus facilities available?

Both campuses are state of the art with modern facilities. Multimedia class rooms, fully equipped library, coffee shop, open air cafeteria, complete wifi connectivity, free internet connectivity, ATM, play area, multi gym, laundry service (Vagamon), guest houses, canteen with north Indian and South Indian cuisine, Radio DC (Trivandrum), mini market (Vagamon), amphitheatre , mobile connectivity, beauty parlour (Vagamon), open air classroom (Vagamon), health care facilities (Vagamon) etc are some of the facilities available.

Are there medical facilities available in Vagamon?

Doctor-on call, ambulance, first aid facilities and a hospital near to the campus.

What is a typical day of a DCian like?

A DCian will start the official class sessions at 8.00 AM after breakfast. The first session will begin with news analysis and discussion. The sessions progresses as scheduled. There will be mentoring sessions and training sessions in the evening after 4.00pm. Evening presentation in the DC auditorium by student groups will start at 7.00 PM and goes on till 8.00 PM. Club activities / cultural nights/guest speaker address will extend till 11.00 PM and beyond occasionally; after supper. Students will engage in reading and preparation for the next day, assignments etc afterwards. On Sundays, classes start late by 10.00 AM and most Sundays there will not be any classes when students can do their personal errands.

What does the college canteen provide? Is the mess bill separate? Can the students
buy food from other facilities?

In Trivandrum and Vagamon, canteen provides North Indian and South Indian cuisine which the student has to specify in the beginning of the month and should follow throughout the month. Breakfast, lunch, tea with snacks and dinner will be provided. There is a mini market, coffee shop, open air cafeteria available inside the campus (Vagamon). Mess bill is included in the total fees.

Is DCSMAT a ragging free campus?

Yes, completely ragging free.

Are there any kiosk and banking facilities nearby the campus/in the area?

ATM facility is in the campus. SBT is located in Vagamon.

Is there a dress code followed in DCSMAT?

Decent formals are a must on all working days. Full uniform as prescribed which is provided from college during stipulated days and during major events.

Fees, Bank Loans and Scholarships

Will I be eligible for a loan?

Yes. Almost all banks recognize our programmes and provide loans.

What support will I get from DCSMAT?

Needed documents showing the credentials of the program (MBA) will be provided. Loan may be availed from any bank in their locality as per eligibility criteria of individual applicant.

What is the placement activity in the campus like?

 A high quality placement brochure is prepared every year by the students.

There is a Director and also Manager of ‘Corporate Relations and Alumni Affairs’ assisted by a core committee of Faculty members to optimize the placement drive.

The Students Placement Committee is also formed to manage the day to day affairs of corporate relations.

The students travel with the brochures to various companies to canvass for placements. The soft copies and letters are dispatched to prospective recruiters.

Students also visit companies to give presentation. To cite an example Synthite and Godrej.

Are students provided with specific placement related training?

 Yes. DCSMAT lays lot of emphasis on this aspect.

 ABS, is a unique internal soft skill development programme that caters to the students’ need of personality development, communication skills, interpersonal skills, Group Discussions and Personal Interview skills.  This programme is part of the first and second semesters.

In the second semester, professional trainers such as Le Mentors of Chennai, Sarvasreshta from Chennai, Dilip Toshar from Pune, Biju Vithayathil from Ernakulam etc , are engaged every year to enhance the employment skills of the students to include Group Discussion, Resume Preparation, Decision Modelling, Situational Leadership, Logical Reasoning, Neuro Linguistic Programme ( communication) etc..

Fine dining sessions are provided to teach the students the required rudiments of etiquette and table manners by reputed hospitality providers such as Eaatz Dietary in collaboration with renowned chefs. .

Do we get to interact with students and faculty before taking admission in DCSMAT?

Yes. Some contact details are provided here:

Faculty members
Dr. Bharat Verma, Group Director (Vagamon Campus) – 97453608190
Dr SN Nair (Trivandrum campus) – 9447327700
Admission Office
Mr Suresh 9745607093
Mr Kennedy 9846869231
Mr Madhu   9745302812

Administrative Officer

Mr. Haridas – 9745302810

Can I visit the campus before I make a decision?

Yes. Kindly coordinate with the Admissions Office for the visit.

I would like to get updates on DCSMAT Institutions. What are the available

You may join our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DCSMAT). You will receive a monthly Newsletter from DCSMAT once you get registered. You may visit the campus as well as the admission office to get connected.


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