Learning Approaches

Pedagogy constitutes the core of producing quality individuals. The most important skills needed for a student is a critical frame of mind, incisive analysis, and a humility which will be an example for others. Revolutionary teaching is always done effortlessly. The process of replinishing ones learning is done by a good teacher by gently stoking and changing the tides to directions of quality. DCians imbibe an intellectual fervor and ardent curiosity to constantly learn. Several learning approaches have been formulated by DCSMAT to put in the elements of enthusiasm and participation into the learning process.


Applied Business Studies is a program that exposes students to critical reading, TED talks based discussions, public speaking, presentation skills, etc. ABS is a holistic program to help each student overcome inhibitions and turn to creative thinkers and performers.

Blurbs to Books 
Blurbs to Books (B2B) is an exclusive programme designed to encourage reading habit and to expose the students to nearly 100 books during their academic years spent with DCSMAT. With this programme the School aims to make the students love books and enjoy reading.

Industry Orientation
The MBA programme of the School includes in addition to the University curriculum, a variety of activities and programmes to make the students aware of the latest in business practices. The training at DCSMAT is rigorous with various activities such as guest lectures, case studies and other simulation exercises which extend to late evenings.

The BArch and BFA programs shall have experts regularly instructing the students. They will also be given ample opportunities to unleash their creativity on a professional level in projects like placemaking and cover page designing during their time here.


Evening Presentations
Evening presentations are regularly conducted at DCSMAT to help the students improve their public speaking, presentation and communication skills. It also aids them in overcoming stage fright and in boosting their confidence by interacting with the audience. This activity which has been going on for the past five years has been a great success and has made a difference in every DCian.


Etiquette Training
Workshops are conducted by the School to coach the students on social and business etiquette in the corporate world. Experts from premier hotels give workshops on formal dining etiquette to equip students for power lunches, business dinners, and instilling a cultured finesse.

Seminars also form part of the learning approach at DCSMAT School.
Video Conference Sessions
Industry experts, academics, and academic practitioners from around constantly interact with the students through video conferences. Our enthusiastic faculty reach out to experts every week for exciting and informative video sessions.

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