Industry Interaction

For management training to be complete, the students should have exposure to and interaction with the industry and a thorough knowledge of what is happening in the business world. For this purpose the School conducts several programmes where corporate leaders and top business managers share their experiences with aspiring managers.

Some of the programmes held in the School include:

Breakfast with young successful entrepreneurs/ CEO
This is a new programme introduced by DCSMAT in which the students get an opportunity to interact with corporate leaders in an informal setting.

Retailing Skills Training
This century saw a rapid growth in the retail sector with increased spending power and corresponding increase in consumption. As a result, there has been a huge demand of professionals in this sector. DCSMAT, being a recognized Professional Retailing Skills Training Partner of Retailers Association of India (RAI), trains and educates retailers as well as students to adopt modern retail practices in India. Certificates are awarded by RAI after the completion of the course.

At DCSMAT, the students are given proper guidance to get them the right kind of internships. The one week industry visit before the first semester, one month and two month long internships in the following semesters are intended to help students get a possible placement in the same company.

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