About the Institute

DC School of Management and technology is a pioneer in the management education sector in Kerala. The institute of management has been pivotal to shaping and creating a benchmark for quality education practices. DCSMAT is promoted by DC Kizhekamuri Foundation and co-promoted by DC Books.

Dominic Chacko Kizhekumuri (DC) a writer, intellectual, freedom fighter and entrepreneur is the founder of DC Books. With its unique publishing practices the company has retained its position as one of the leading publishing companies in India. DC started his illustrious career as a teacher before entering the publishing business. He has singlehandedly created the biggest revolution in the Indian publishing industry with the formation of DC Books in 1974.

Taking forward the keen intellectual pursuits of DC, an institution was set up in 2002 which revolutionized management education in Kerala.

DCSMAT aimed at building a unique B School and our practices are now a much emulated model for institution building in the management circles. Various management schools are constantly try to catch up with our B-School rankings in Kerala.

After establishing a successful MBA program DCSMAT diversified its educational practices with the introduction of undergraduate courses in management. A degree in BCom and BBA,  grooms a student for functioning in the highly competitive market while also enriching their years in higher education.

DCSMAT also offers BArch, interior design, and BFA. These courses have a uniquely designed curriculum tailored with resources to enhance the creative potential in each student.

Our student’s opinions stand testimony to the superior training they undergo to face the fast changing competitive world of business.

We have well equipped fully functional campuses in Vagamon and Trivandrum.

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